Georgia URISA Luncheon – January 10th 2016

Jan 5, 2017 | Atlanta, Georgia, Lidar

LIDAR is a hot topic in Georgia these days. So – for the January 2016 Luncheon more LIDAR.

“LIDAR Updates – Changes in the Technology and Coverage”
Speaker Name: Ernie Smith

Presentation Summary: Like all Technology LiDAR has become very dynamic with new sensors and available data. We will talk about the advancements and availability of Sensors, Standards, and Data sets. There are many changes in the technology and unless you are working with it everyday, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the advancements.

Standards are also changing due to the sensor technology advancement which means practices and applications for LiDAR are growing. Also drones are being used for data collection and there are some things to be aware of for that use of Technology. We will present a map that gives our best understanding of where LiDAR data exists in Georgia as well.

Henry County Water Authority (Engineering Building)
100 Westridge Industrial Boulevard
McDonough, GA 30253


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