Georgia URISA Luncheon August 13th 2013

Jul 31, 2013 | GA URISA, Georgia, GIS

From the Georgia URISA Lunch Schedule – I give you August 2013’s Luncheon Announcement – go to to register!


The Statewide Centerline Update Project was created to integrate an immense volume of updated statewide road centerlines with the associated roadway characteristic data while simultaneously balancing accuracy and completeness. The geographic scope of the project encompassed the entire extent of the State of Georgia public road network, including its 159 counties and 531 cities road networks. The project supports the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) daily operations, as well as initiatives such as the Local Maintenance and Investment Grant (LMIG) program, Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) reporting, Highway Safety Improvement Plan (HSIP) and the Transportation Investment Act (TIA).

As a result of the Statewide Centerline Update Project, true edge-matching of all roads at county boundaries has led to the development of an integrated statewide road network. The new process resolved double reporting of mileage for roadways congruent with the county line. As part of the process, the proper ownership of all existing and incoming roads is defined. Integral relationships have been established with local government agencies for data sharing and coordinated efforts in data improvement. OTD’s road inventory collection has transitioned from a primarily field-based approach to a more office-based approach. The implementation of these technologies and methods have dramatically improved the overall efficiency and cost effectiveness.

More information about John Hudler

John Hudler is the current Geospatial Data Group Leader at the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Office of Transportation Data. John graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Geographic Information Sciences. John interned with Bartow County GIS and Rolta International before accepting a consultant position with the Georgia Department of Transportation. In the summer of 2011, he started as a GIS Technician working on the Statewide Centerline Update Project and is now bringing the project to a successful conclusion as the Project Manager.

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