Drive Distances using QGIS and GRASS Documentation

Jun 28, 2016 | GRASS, process, QGIS

As promised – my last batch of directions for a client are now up. You can use this process if you have want to generate drive distances from a fire station. In this example we went 5 miles from a fire station. These aren’t guaranteed to work. In fact – if you use it and your computer explodes and your organization explodes. I’m sorry.

You can use this if:

  • You have a road file that is in fairly decent shape
  • A point file of fire stations
  • You have QGIS 2.14.3
  • You have GRASS 7.0.4

What drove this client was the need for Drive Distances for insurance purposes. They have ArcGIS but not network Analyst. This works. It’s free and free and open source software.

Good Luck out there!

Go to the tutorials page for more information and other insanity. 


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