Blast from the Past

Jun 18, 2022 | Rambling

Welcome to my ramblings this morning on the official blog of NRGS.

So way back when I was a geology person. I did the time. Got the paper. Never practiced the art. Instead I was lured into the sordid world of mapping. From 1989 to about 1991 I rambled through college and did nothing substantial except blow through my $400 dollars a semester (plus books – it was quite expensive at the time) and take a lot of science classes.

As I was running out of science classes I ended up in Geology. It was then I ran into this guy Duke who lured me into the department with promises of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. “Boys everyone is going to need geologists” and I was hooked. Camping trips that were almost a disaster. Parties. Lies upon Lies on how science was going to get us all the women and money we could ever want.

Duke Practicing for the next Highlander movie.

By 1994 we were all “out the door” as it were. As I remember Duke’s Graduation was hurried as it was rumored the library was implementing “computers” as a way to deal with their ever growing inventory and record breaking late fees. Duke (as I remember) had amassed a small fortune in late fees. If he got out by 93 he could in theory escape the computers. Escape he did. I lived a most miserable life in ’94 trudging my way through the department. I tend to burn myself out and then not take some time off to regroup. It’s really taken me to the last few years to deal with this in a somewhat healthy manner. Of course by that time I was working for the Feds as an intern and wrestling with “Do I really want to do this?”. The federal job wasn’t a healthy environment. College wasn’t the best place for me at the time. I often look back and wonder…….

I lost track of Duke. I would randomly run into people from the department occasionally.

If I remember correctly – Highlands NC

Through a series of fortunate events I ended up in a basement last Sunday watching the Grim Reaper take another unfortunate soul.

I have a constant nagging voice in my head and it constantly goes about once a week “Is this what you want to do….maps….computers…..”. I’ve been doing this too long for the voice to still be around – BUT……

Duke’s fun thing these days is Tennessee Macabre and hosting old horror movies for fun and profit. Filmed in a basement. They do like three clips for a movie. Sometimes they do a live rendition. Excuse all the southern accents – BUT – most everything supernatural is going to have a really good southern accent: god, the devil, and your resident ghosts.

Anyway – we spent 6 hours hanging out. Being part of the “Live Studio Audience”. Watching the insanity. At first I was sitting here going “What the heck” and then you get into it. There’s a lot of characters. A lot of silly stories that pay homage to the old horror flicks. It was an absolute blast.

We ended the night at the all-you-can-eat-chinese buffet telling stories of Geology and who was where. Two of the “old timer” professors have passed on. Several more have retired. Anyway – we’ve hooked up on facebook. I spent last night watching an old horror movie working through some GIS Problems.

Check them out if that’s your thing. I look forward to having more reunions with the old geology crew. Who knows – Maybe Grim will come for me one day…or Deke….or some aliens.

Anyway – one last pic

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