Bang your head against the Training Wall.

Feb 8, 2011 | ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI, Training

When you start a company you must have goals of some sort. You’re really supposed to have a business “plan”. Well – I built a plan in my head and pretty much stuck with it through all sorts of issues and problems. At any point when things got weird on my end (and they have a lot if you’ve been keeping up) I fell back on “the plan“. I grew to hate that plan toward the end of last year which made it hard to follow.

Training was always in the plan. I always thought aligning myself as an ESRI Business Partner and becoming an ESRI Authorized Trainer would be a step in the right direction. I’ve struggled with training. Mostly because it is (was) easy to get into the ATP program but nearly impossible as a new trainer to teach if you didn’t have connections into an organization. It’s tough…it’s competitive.

So last year ESRI changed from the ATP program to the CTP Program. There were a large number of hoop$ that needed to be jumped through. It was time-consuming and it was expensive…and mostly on purpose I think. Starvation is a great way to weed out trainers. So essentially from March of last year till now I haven’t trained. Over all looking back it was a good thing – because I had to scrounge up more work to fill in lost revenue. Last year was rough partially by design and partially I made it that way. I got introspective…I got annoyed and I developed The Plan Part II: Revenge of the Plan.

So I completed the last hoop – I’m temporarily Certified (or is it authorized) to teach ArcGIS Desktop I, II and III.

With all of that said please go to the training page and check out the prices. I am lowering them as low as I can even though materials have more or less doubled. I am currently working on a training facility as I type this. If prices are still too high – email me and we can work something out. If you can’t come to me, I go to you. I can’t keep the prices this low for long – they will go up. Yes it’s the same class as the big company teaches…yes this training will go toward your GISP. Yes – the last day (if held in town) is lunch on me. Yes – pay attention and take notes for it will help in your ESRI <fill in the blank> Certification

With that being said – I’m announcing a non ESRI class: Model Builder with a little bit of Python. I did a 1 hour workshop and had some interest so I decided to turn it into an 8 hour class. My price has yet to be determined because I have yet to finish putting it together.

Email me and let me know what you think. As updates roll in they will go to the training page and to the newsletter. The first newsletter will hopefully go out this week.

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