All Dogs go to Heaven

May 11, 2021 | GIS, Rambling



I’ve not had a dog in years. It bugs me – I’ve never made the room or the time because there always is something else happening.

There was one unfinished bit from a blog 6 years ago and that story ended this week. Actually it ended on Mother’s Day of all days for things to wrap up.

There were always three things my Uncle had around him at all times: A collection of guns, a collection of motorcycles, and a dog of some sort. So when he passed away, mom ended up with all three. The only thing of any concern with her was the dog – Claudette. She was a Claude originally but apparently the original owner was confused by the bits or lack thereof that a male dog comes with….

Mom and Dad had two dogs already. They made room for the latest one. For 6 years Mom and Dad took care of the dog. Two years ago a heart condition flared up out of nowhere one night. As it turned out this dog was a lifelong sufferer of these small episodes where she would her heart would hiccup and she would have to slow down a bit. Probably when she was younger it was maybe a minute or 2. As she got older it was 5 minutes. My parents noticed when it was taking hours to recover. So heart medicine. The hours turned into half days which turned into days and last year it was declared the days would be permanent at some point as she wouldn’t snap out of it.

Then the tumors appeared. What were benign issues got harder to deal with and one got out of hand. One vet trip later and the dog had another strike against her. That strike wouldn’t re-appear until January when one small lump didn’t stop growing.

Anyway – it all wrapped up Sunday. I assume we will carry out the original orders my Uncle had given. As he was getting sicker he had declared that if not for financial reasons he would drive out in the field and end it all. Shoot the dog. Shoot Himself. And have the whole affair end with cremation. Knowing him he would have planned a giant bonfire with some elaborate contraption to make sure he and the dog both died and rolled into the fire so all we would have to do is scoop them up and send them off.

I’m guessing in the next week or two me and mom make a trip to the cemetery with a shovel and the ashes of the dog. I’m not sure how that’s going to look with me, mom, and a shovel heading into a cemetery – BUT – I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of laughing from the great beyond as we do it. We tend to have a morbid sense of humor these days and I’m guessing we will be laughing as we’re digging a small hole. Probably the cemetery would be good with it if we asked – BUT – why ask permission when you can ask forgiveness after it’s done.

Anyway – I shall feast on a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger tonight and toast the next great adventure.

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