About NRGS

North River Geographic Systems, Inc is a geospatial consulting company located in Chattanooga Tennessee. NRGS works with Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G). We help companies, organizations, and various agencies with analysis, training, or using Open Source Software. We 25+ years experience in the Geospatial Industry and try to tackle every problem with a mix of technology and sound reasoning.

Here is a sample of the organizations we’ve worked with over the last 16 years:

Henry County Tennessee 911


Why choose us?

  • Data is the most important part of your Geographic Information System.
  • We aren’t here to sell you more software. We are here to sell you on a sound process.
  • Your problems are important and we want to hear the story behind them and bring solutions.

North River Geographic Systems, Inc is owned and operated by Randal Hale. He has been in the geospatial industry way too long – I think the last time he counted it was nearly 30 years. You may find him working on a job doing analysis, cleaning data,  or out in a canoe.