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Introduction to QGIS 20150323 Norcross Georgia


NRGS Classes

Welcome to a list of classes written by North River Geographic Systems, Inc. 

Introduction to QGIS

This one day class is an introduction to QGIS. QGIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS Package released under the GNU General Public License. It runs under Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and Windows and supports multiple raster and vector formats. Students should be able to navigate and install the software and use it when needed and feel comfortable using it along side other GIS software!

QGIS: Data and Editing

This one day class takes you thought editing and data conversion with QGIS. Students that take the class will be able to create data and edit it using the software. Covered also is converting data formats and making sure data is properly projected. We also cover geoprocessing tools within QGIS. At the end of the class you should be able share data with ArcGIS and have a very good idea of how to integrate QGIS into your workflow.

Coming Soon QGIS: Databases and Sharing

Introduction to Model Builder

This one day class is an introduction to ESRI’s Model Builder. Students learn the basics of Arctoolbox and Geoprocessing and work their way to connecting geoprocessing tools together and building small models to improve work flow.

Introduction to ArcGIS

This one day class is an Introduction to ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop Software. Students learn the basics of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcCatalog. Students should have a good feel for how the software can be used within an organization.


  • Doughnuts (purchased locally).

All training is currently recognized by the GISCI and counts towards your GISP and other professional certifications.

Refunds. Life happens and we understand. You may sign up for a class and can’t make it. If you cancel outside of 48 hours of a class then we will refund any money paid. If it’s within 48 hours then we will refund all but $100 dollars (for expenses preparing equipment and books). We hope you understand. If the issue is on our end we refund 100% of any money paid or you can opt to get a seat in the next class.