GISCorp receives 2012 Presidential Volunteer Service Award

So on a day like today where I spend the majority of my time doing things I don’t get paid for I get annoyed. People always say “Owning your own business much be fun fun fun – look at all the technology you get to work with”. If it were only about the technology and the maps. Bookkeeping, phone calls, taxes, and crap. There is always lots of crap. Lots and Lots of Crap.

Every now and then you get reminded why it’s not all about you and it can be a good thing you are in this spot. I do volunteer a lot. People tell me I do it too much and I agree with them about 50% of the time. Volunteer jobs are good and bad. I felt like some of my best work is stuff I don’t get paid for – they also tend to drag out longer than I want them too.

GISCorp has been one of those worthwhile endeavors. If you’re a GIS Person you should sign up. Volunteer your time. I’ve gotten to work on a few things. Some I think I’ve done better on than others. I’ve gotten a chance to work in areas that I’ll never get to visit. I’ve digitized data I didn’t even know existed. I’ve worked with people for which English is a 3rd language. It’s a blast.