Just add one point to OpenStreetMap

If you’ve read this blog much, I talk about OpenStreetMap a lot. Why? I enjoy it. It’s led to some interesting things for me the last few years.

It’s been in the news a while back, you had some high profile companies jump to OSM (Foursquare, Apple did something, and Wikipedia).  So for the guy sitting here using it what happened. Not much – I still edit and add data in Chattanooga or wherever I’m located at the moment. I’m still  a hack by any stretch.

If you look at registered users OSM is somewhere around 600,000. I’m going to gamble they have way less people editing. In Chattanooga I’ve probably signed up over 50 people and maybe 5 are still frequently editing. A lot of the problem is documentation. The Wiki at OSM is a bit daunting to put it lightly. There are lots of resources out and about on the net if you look for them.

Next month I’ve got to address a group of teachers for Hamilton County. I’m talking about OSM and how to integrate it into your curriculum and make kids edit a map. So I decided I needed to make a couple of things. One of which was a one page “Just add a point to OpenStreetMap” document. I tested it on my of my biggest fans (She will never read this so I can say whatever I want about Janettee). She added a point to OSM and didn’t struggle much. I hope she has added two points by now.

So without further adieu. Make the map a bit better. Add one point. Get registered.