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QGIS 2.8 – Wien

I’m jumping the announcement just a bit because I can’t tell the difference between “publish” and “Save Draft” – but QGIS 2.8 it’s slowly making it way into the wild. My OSGEO Install updated this […]

QGIS Coupon Thursday?

There was a running joke for several years about me not wearing pants on Thursdays. I work from home, car, on site, or where ever I might be. I’ve worked at a gas station tethered […]


I had to go into Atlanta Saturday for a meeting at a park. It was a last minute decision first marked by my leaving 15 minutes later than I should have…..It was again reaffirmed that […]

Mobile Data Collection: Fulcrum

To quote Archimedes: “Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” I talk about QGIS a lot…I talk about a lot of software. Fulcrum is one of those things I talk about – […]