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OSGEO Live 8.0 is released

I’ve had about three opportunities in the last two weeks  to talk about GIS and covering the sides of Open Source and Closed Source. I think I’ve done a decent job balancing the two.  I […]

A sign of things to come…maybe

I’ve always wondered when the licensing model with ArcGIS would change. My personal thought has been the move to ArcGIS Pro was a sign of that. My one caveat to this post…I don’t write software. […]

Georgia URISA Luncheon September 2014

Date: September 9, 2014 Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Location: Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI)      4275 Shackleford Rd., Suite 175  Norcross, Ga. 30093 Geospatial Thinking into Public Health Program and Research – An American Cancer Society Perspective […]

Select the location for QGIS Training

I know……. another Google Doc thing? I’m weird that way. A Since the QGIS classes started I’ve had mixed results. Some classes overflow…some barely get started. It’s been a debate on how to do this […]

Commercial Support Part II

Let us rage on into the night – poll is still going. 28 responses…… So I didn’t post the comments….yet. They are interesting. Ranging from I need support to justify this software to we have […]