Support Contract

Support Contract

Need help but not sure how much? We have a support contract that budgets hours per month. No minimum hours must be spent and you're in charge of the maximum. Email Randal Hale for more information.


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Listserve for the Southeast US OSGEO Discussion

Join Here -> Right now we’re at about 20 odd people with an interest in making this happen. For those of you just tuning in there is talk of forming an OSGEO Southeast “group” […]

ArcGIS lyr files and QGIS qlr files

I spend a ton of time talking about QGIS up here. I like QGIS. I like GIS in general and there are some days I wonder if I’m unintentionally ignoring the ESRI side of life. […]

Southeast OSGEO Chapter

HUH? I know – one more group of “GIS” centric people but this one will be a bit different. I’m announcing the formation of the OSGEO Southeast US Chapter. Will it be an official chapter? […]