Intro to QGIS Class
Norcross Georgia
November 6th 2014

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Columbus Georgia GIS Day

So I’m making an appearance for the first time ( I think) in Columbus Georgia for GIS Day. I’ll be doing the mix and match your GIS software for your geospatial toolbox talk. So if […]

Me and the GeoHipster

I was reading Geohipster before it was cool….. I just finished my second interview. No – I wasn’t interviewed. I’m interviewing people. I know – one more thing but it helps round out the day […]

Geography Week – the OSM Event

So I really don’t like GIS day. I’ve made it a point to not participate probably for the last 5 years..and this year I’m bowing to pressure and speaking at one event…and as soon as […]

QGIS 2.6 ‘Brighton’ Released

So I’m a bit behind…right in the middle of posting cool things about 2.6, ‘Brighton’ was released. It was fun from my end watching this (because I can’t do squat for the development side but […]

November 4th 2014 Georgia URISA Luncheon

Note – this is on November the 4th (Tuesday) 2014 and not the Second Tuesday. I was confused – so don’t follow my lead. JavaScript and GIS – Integrating Systems and People To Achieve Success […]

QGIS 2.6: Virtual Fields

Virtual Fields – huh? So something else new in QGIS 2.6. In case you aren’t familiar with QGIS – you have a field calculator. It’s as the name implies – a place to calculate attribution […]